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The Souvenir Shop, which is one of Norway’s largest, is next door to the Mountain Lodge. An impressive range of quality souvenirs are displayed here, including Norwegian knitwear, leather ware, pewter and handcrafted articles.

Tax free shopping

All major credit/debit cards accepted.
All our staff are fluent in European languages, with several also conversant in Japanese, Korean and Chinese.


The Norwegian troll

The troll is a well-known, humanlike creature with roots in Norse mythology, renowned from folk tales and poetry. Trolls can differ in shape and size, almost always with a long, crooked nose and tail. They can be huge giants and scary troll hags, or cute little gnomes or beautiful female creatures (huldrer) that inhabit the type of landscape you find here in Briksdal. Trolls are often portrayed as dangerous beings, but in the fairy tale world they are friendly, helpful creatures as long as they are treated with respect.
You can find many variants of these trolls in our Souvenir Shop.

Dale Of Norway

The village of Dale is nestled between beautiful steep mountains, waterfalls and fjords on the west coast of Norway. In 1879, the historic textile factory was established in this valley with easy access to wool, strong knitting traditions, and a great supply of natural power from the local waterfalls. Since then, Dale of Norway has developed stunning designs in premium qualities that are well-known worldwide.
You will find most of their world famous collection here in Briksdal.    



The coffee bar serves light dishes, cakes and coffee. Looking directly into the pulsating yard with people from all corners of the world. Our urban alibi.

MENU Light dishes, cakes, coffee and Olden mineral water.
CAPACITY Seat arount 60 persons.
PLACEMENT In the Souvenir House.